SD Prins

The Literacy Survey conducted in 1989 spotted Chithara as the village with the maximum number of illiterates in Kollam district of Kerala.

I was born in this ‘spectacularly backward’ place in 1964. (But, today,the village  has developed so much..)

In 1973, the gates of Sainik School, Kerala opened before me. What followed was a refinement of a rustic ten year old to a cadet with eyes and mind that opened to a broad world sans barriers…

However, with school life ended the lure of a military career

Graduated in English Language and Literature in 1984, from University College, Trivandrum.

Then, to the Institute of Journalism, Press Club, Trivandrum to earn a Diploma in Journalism (1985) Received MA (English)from University college in 1986 – first class, as in undergrad.

Passed MCJ from the Department of Communication and Journalism, University of Kerala in 1989. My CV boasts of a Gold Medal in Editing, partly as sign of merit, partly as comic relief..

Education gave me two lessons :

  1. Qualification and ability to write do not guarantee a job in print media
  2. Topping the merit list does not guarantee posting as Lecturer in an aided college.

Career in Media ( Malayalam) began unofficially in 1989. But a career in Broadcasting had begun much before that – unofficially, of course.

Officially, it began in 1991 as Programme Executive, All India Radio, Bombay. Moved to

All India Radio,Thiruvananthapuram in 1995. Quit AIR in November 1996

Then, Public Relations Officer at University of Kerala from 1996 to 2013

From March 2013 to 9 March 2016, served as Chief Public Relations Officer at Kerala State Electricity Board Ltd.,

From 11 March 2016, Public Relations Officer at Kerala Raj Bhavan, the office of the Honorable Governor of Kerala.

Have corrupted batches of young journalists by teaching them broadcasting and  PR at the PG Diploma level..

The relief is that some still smile at me.

As if that weren’t enough, I make occasional appearances as Resource Person on PR, RTI etc., for organizations like PSC and even corporates.

To beat the drudgery of official routine, donned the role of columnist (on Television) in Kala Kaumudi and Madhyamam weeklies. The Government of Kerala ‘retaliated’ with a State Award for best writing on Television, in 2005, thus ending my role as Television columnist.

Earlier awards like PR Practitioner of the Year Award (2005) and Merit Certificate in Akashvani Annual National Award (1993) never scared me so much…

Currently, I write a column in Media, a publication of Kerala Media Academy and present a segment Vaakkile Shari on Madhyamajalakam programme of the Academy on Doordarshan.

Well, life has so far been somewhat successful and its cacophony manifests as the random insights and writings on this blog…

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