Dawned Here A Thousand Suns


K. Jayakumar, noted poet and lyricist







Translation of a song  written by noted Malayalam poet  K Jayakumar             jayakumarsong

On the majestic terrain of the Himalayas,
Where ancient silences sit in meditation,
Undying thinking, like flamingos
Rise up in flight, wings fluttering
And fluttering up even now…

They who counted the whole world

As a bird nest had a noble faith,

And had a vitality of the fact of the oneness of all;

And saw in the heart of all
The same universal truth.
And through the syllables of the mantra divine,

There broke a thousand solar dawns here,
A thousand
dawns here

And they said life is a pilgrimage through darkness
Seeking the the shores of dawn.
And that the wellness and illness
are all the divine gifts of the Creator .
And chanted the mantra for the Sun. Through those chants divine,
nd a thousand suns dawned here,
A thousand

Through the divine mantra for the Sun.

(Translated for the National Programme of  Music,  All India Radio)



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