Shri Ganapati

(Translation of a song by Kavalam Narayana Panikkar) Untitled-1

Wake up ! Wake up! O! Lord Ganesha ,

The darling son of Shree Mahadeva and Shree Parvati,

Wake up! Wake up!

It’s time for the great meal, O! Elephant headed one,

So, wake up Lord! Sir, please wake up!

O! The holy mascot of all achievements,

Sacred son of Lord Shiva, Pillay  * Ganesha !

Your mother once placed you before Lord Shiva,

to watch on him, as she to her bath went.


As you, the dutiful son sat in guard,

Your  father sent  you on an errand,

And brought down to his lap, Ganga, the lass

Whom he had kept hidden in his matted hair …

Your father, Ganesha !

He who is father to the three worlds

Went on an erotic dance with Ganga !


The mother put her trust in you,

The Father even more..

O! Lord Ganesha !

You’re the dutiful son of both parents!

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