Languages scriptless

Translation of M M Sacheendran’s Poem,

ലിപിയില്ലാത്ത ഭാഷകൾ‌


From your memory,

I am fading off slowly

Like the message of a tribal tongue

That the vanishing forest tracks of a ruined race                       Poem

Call to mind, only to forget.


The scriptless love, that

Oozes up as the essence from inside a tough crust,

Just frailties dead, like the un-shut eye

Of a peacock feather kept among the pages of a ruffled school book.


The words, the streams that flowed spoken and heard

The words that sprout

From the inner feelings unyielding to any grammars,

Un-polluting any burning solid rock…….


The springs once we exchanged, interlaced with our love…..


But the lisping of the past

May not dissolve into your qualities

Nor ride through your seas….


Within the ideal language

That lingers above the mundane

Day to day life as a watchful mole,


Without casting a sheen

In your dreams

As you contain your inner love

Within the boundaries of mores

Making no errors of syntax

Or an unruly linking of terms


Remember not to remember

Those spilt declarations of yore…..


Lips that seal each other

Scripting notes in frantic kisses

For fear of being ripped apart

By the mindless laws of jungle justice,


The courting places we recognize

By the odor of sweat

Even with our eyes closed,


The depth of the words that

Dance on slippery paths,

Clearing once and then muddying

Twining into each other,

Turning in like a tune,

Those love-laden lisps and hums

That melt and rain in to our ears,


Can we ever confine them to mere alphabets?

(Translated for National symposium of Poets, All India Radio)


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