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Translation of the poem സ്വാതന്ത്ര്യം    by Manamboor Rajan Babu 

Poetry for  me

Is limitless as the Spring of liberation.


When poetry becomes my vehicle to gallop upward,                                                                                freedom

and turns an ark

that flutters charmingly, spreading wing over wing,

This perishable body needs only three feet of earth.


But, as one  measures the earth step to step,

Even the three worlds do not suffice..

As the dashing chariot casts off a wheel on the wayside,

I realise that I am but the lone horse pulling the chariot…

Like an oracle, driven by realisation

I am fated to move ahead,

Shedding even the chariot !


As the chains that bind my limbs break off,

As my mind burns through the passages of the skies,

And as I overcome death by offering my earthy body,

Poetry unfolds before me as

An immeasurable Spring of Freedom!


On the pinnacle of that freedom,

I feel the golden harmony of music,

The ultimate joy of Freedom

That sprouts from the blissfulness of music !


Translated for the National Symposium of Poets, All India Radio


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  1. Great site, really good writing:-)! I really enjoy your blog. I’m waiting for more. Best regards!

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