Ashtapadi Layam..

(Translation of a light song by Kalarkode Chandran)

With eyes closed in adoration,

I stood leaning on the rock-cut lamp, lit with ghee wicks

In the temple courtyard of Ambalapuzha

That resonated with the harmony of Ashtapadi.


As I stood waiting for the saviour of Gokula,

With nothing to offer but the hardened butter of penury

And a milk-bowl of tears,

I felt as light as the cool breeze of Vrindavan

And the  strains of its Saranga.


On the arena, with no Krishna in sight,

I sang his eulogies until sleep overcame me
At long last, as the call of the conch woke me,

My eyes were treated to the garland on His chest

And the flute on which flowed  His fingers.

(Translated for National Festival of Light Music, All India Radio)


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  1. beautiful translation

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